How you can help!

Our goal

Mad about Messiaen has already recorded half our programme, with recording of the second half scheduled to take place this summer. However, without sufficient funding, we won’t be able to distribute our CDs!

We need to raise a total of £7000 by March 2018 for production and distribution costs, allowing the CD to come to market later that year.

What are we doing to raise funds?

MaM is currently organising various fund-raising recitals and concerts to take place in venues across the UK over the coming year. In addition, we are applying for all possible funding from sources in the UK and abroad. However, this won’t be enough to take us all the way to our £7000 goal – and that’s where you come in!

What can you do and what will it mean?

We would love to hear from individuals who are interested in donating one-off sums to our project, or those who might like to provide sponsorship. Rewards are in place – such as receiving an acknowledgement in our CD booklet or even receiving a free copy of the complete CD, signed by the MaM team!

Our primary aim is to promote and celebrate the music of Olivier Messiaen by recording and distributing a CD of his selected vocal and instrumental works. However, the project represents so much more than just a commercial venture.

In donating to MaM, you are supporting the crucial involvement of young people in the arts. All our musicians have either gone onto post-graduate study in music, or into careers in which music plays a key role. With four of our musicians holding degrees in modern languages, you are also supporting the development of the link between language and music that is celebrated at universities throughout the UK but particularly at the University of St Andrews, where our musicians met and performed in 2015.

How can you donate and where will the money go?

Our Just Giving platform has been created at this link and will go live in April 2017! All money will go directly towards the financing of CD production and distribution, including creating CD booklets and artwork and compiling the finished recording, as well as covering the costs of putting on fund-raising events and recitals, including venue hire and publicity production.

It’s never been easier to donate and all it takes is a few clicks to support us in this exciting endeavour. Every penny counts and with your help, we will be able to achieve our goal of releasing our CD and celebrating the music of this fantastic 20th-century composer!