Our CD

The programme

Date of composition: 1935
For: soprano and piano
Recorded with: Jenny Stewart (soprano) and Mairi Grewar (piano)

La Mort du Nombre
Date of composition: 1930
For: soprano, tenor, violin and piano
Recorded with: Olivia Clark (soprano), Chris Huggon (tenor), Maebh Martin (violin) and Mairi Grewar (piano)

Thème et variations
Date of composition: 1932
For: violin and piano
Recorded with: Maebh Martin (violin) and Mairi Grewar (piano)

Chants de Terre et de Ciel
Date of composition: 1938
For: soprano and piano
To be recorded with: Caroline Taylor (soprano) and Jakub Gutkowski (piano)

Recording details

Our CD is being produced with an Odradek engineer for the University of St Andrews record label, Sanctiandree, already home to several recordings of the University’s flagship choir of St Salvator’s Chapel. We are delighted to be featured on the label and to represent young musicians with an interest in performing 20th-century repertoire!